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Antiques have a way of giving homes a timeless look. If you love filling your spaces with classic pieces, Cobblestone's Gifts in Yakima, WA has you covered. We have an impressive selection of antiques with historic charm. All furniture and décor is locally sourced from various periods throughout history. We clean and store all items appropriately to preserve their integrity and beauty. No matter your decorating style, antique furniture and artwork can have a special place in any home.

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5 benefits of decorating your home with antiques

Whether you're looking for antique furniture or home décor, Cobblestone's Gifts has something unique for every room. Antique items are:

  1. Full of timeless charm and stories from the past
  2. Expertly curated to ensure their quality
  3. Preserved to help keep a piece of history
  4. Distinctive and higher-quality than mass-produced alternatives
  5. Known to appreciate over time

We carefully handle all pieces and restore items before putting them in our store. Call 509-457-4540 to inquire about our antique inventory.

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